Thursday 21 March 2013

Planting sunflowers

As you may be aware we have a tradition this time of year and that is to plant out sunflowers.  I have decided to share this idea with you again as I think many of you may find it helpful as it is a great activity to start over the Easter holidays!

I first started growing sunflowers when I found out that I was pregnant (I think my nurturing instinct kicked in).  This activity is now something that I share with Little Boo.  I think that growing flowers, plants and fruit and vegetables is a great way for children to experience how things grow. We have looked at books which talk all about flowers and how they need water and sun to grow. 

This book contains colourful pictures and labelled diagrams to explain the flower parts.  The images are really clear and easy to understand this is a non-fiction text which is great to share with children as you can select the sections that you wish to read.

This is a wonderful book to link in with the growth of flowers.  The author Eric Carle with his wonderful illustrations explains how one seed that is tiny survives all the different sorts of weather and grows into the biggest and tallest flower. 

Little Boo helped to plant the seeds then we re-potted them once big enough.

This was interesting as Little Boo had to be careful with the plants as they were still very fragile.  Some did end up getting broken but it was nice to observe how she learnt to be careful. 

We have taken pictures at each stage and have taken a picture of Little Boo standing by the sunflower so she can see it get taller than her.  It has been wonderful watching the sunflowers grow with Little Boo.  She has really looked after them and watered them even after the rain! Unfortunately due to the odd weather this year the sunflowers have not grown as good as last year. 

Looking after the sunflowers 

One of our sunflowers

I have made a pack with the sunflower activities that we have done contained in it.  I hope that everyone likes this we have tried and tested most the activities in here and have had loads of fun. Please let me know if you have enjoyed this it is the first pack I have made so am keen to know how people get on with it and what people would like to see more of.
Sunflowers Activity Book


  1. What a fun study! We grew Sunflowers one year and the got SO tall! We actually grew them in a square to make a 'living' play house =-) I shared this great resource with my Facebook readers here:
    Thanks for sharing it at TGIF! Have a great week
    Beth =-)

    1. Thank you so much Beth I really appreciate that it took a while to do the book so I am glad that it was time well spent and that people like it :) What a great idea to make a play house will try that one next year lets hope we have more sunshine.

  2. This is a great activity book. I just downloaded it for when our four 21-month old toddlers are a little bigger. Thank you! The sunflowers you grew are beautiful. Please link this post to Artsy Play Wednesday on Capri + 3 (a new weekly arts, crafts and play linky). I hope to see you there.

    : 0 ) Theresa

    1. Hello thank you for the positive comments. I hope that you enjoy sharing the sunflowers activity book. I am heading over now to the play linky looking forward to joining in :)


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