Sunday, 10 March 2013

Making a Nursery scrapbook

Little Boo started nursery  a few weeks ago. She has been bringing back some of her crafts that she has completed, then this week she also brought home a star of the week certificate! This got me thinking that we needed somewhere to keep all these safe. This is where the idea of the scrapbook came in. I just cut up some foam board that we had (you could use a cardboard box, I did not have any of this card to hand) then  Little Boo decorated this. I cut up the letters for her which were stuck on when she finished.

When it was dry we placed the sticky contact over it so all the pieces stayed on. I then added come holes and book rings that I had in. If you have not got book rings ribbon would work. We will now just keep on adding all the work that Little Boo brings home.  My hope is that it will reinforce a positive attitude towards going to nursery as she can look at all the great activities that she does as well as seeing how Little Boo progresses.

Hope this idea comes in helpful.

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