Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Playing with Play food, play-dough and the toy kitchen

Little Boo loves playing with her kitchen and the other day she started to play with this her play dough and her play food.  I made some baking trays up really simply using some cardboard and wrapped foil around it. Little Boo thought that this was fantastic and started to place loads of foods on the baking trays.

She later decided that she wanted to make egg on toast and loved it when I placed the egg inside the pan for her to cook. I then showed her how to use a fish slice to place the egg onto the plate.  This is the kind of activity that she can not do in the real kitchen due to safety so it is wonderful for Little Boo to practise in a safe way. 

 We also cooked some spaghetti

 Little Boo then decided that she wanted to feed her dolly the food.  This was a great way for her to practise her skills with a knife and folk. 

Here is part of the feast for dolly. 

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