Thursday 20 September 2012

Making spongy sponge cakes

Today we decided to make pretend play food.  This was an idea that I got from the Tiger who came to tea exhibition as there were some cakes on the table that had been made this way.  When looking through our box of scrap I realised that we had loads of sponge so I set to work cutting it down and added the foam on top (which looked like the icing on the cake) I did this as I thought it was best to use the hot glue gun.

This then meant that Little Boo could decorate the pretend cakes.

Little Boo soon got very busy with cutting and sticking and adding glitter! 

Little Boo decided that some of the cakes could  have pen decorations

It did not take long for the desk to be very full of all the decorations Little Boo asked for.

Little Boo was very impressed with the end result which took one day to dry properly we then used them in a few activities which I will share with you in a few days.

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