Friday, 14 September 2012

Some paper cup puppets

We went to a local fun day and Jim the Maker was there again doing puppets. It was funny as the last time I saw him I was just starting off my blog with hardly any readers and no Facebook page. Made me realise how much the blog has developed especially when I go back and read the post!

Anyway this man is fantastic as he has loads of ideas we did a butterfly out of two paper cups this time which was great it has some wonderful connections to the hungry caterpillar. Little Boo loved doing this especially squashing the cups!

To make this you need

Two paper cups

They need to be stuck bottoms together then squashed.

cut the top of the cup to form antennae

After this cut into the cups to form wings

We then stuck stickers onto the butterfly to decorate it.

Add bamboo or a straw to the back of the butterfly to make it look like it is flying.

The instructions with images can also be found here

After doing this Jim showed us another really simple puppet using one paper cup. He discussed how the easy puppet is really helpful for developing fine motor skills as the child pinches the mouth part together. This was really simple to make as he just cut the cup from the top to the bottom.  The bottom section was shortened to make a chin. After this ring reinforcements were used as eyes and the top of the cup cut into to look like hair.  The image of this puppet it at the top of the post.

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  1. Thank you for linking up to Discover and Explore. I bet my kids would love smashing the cups for this project, too! What a novel way to create butterflies!

    I hope you'll come back and link up for next week's Earth Day theme.


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