Sunday, 14 October 2012

Nature tray (part two)

making faces with leaves

I just want to show you what we have been doing with the nature tray.  From our local toy library we have borrowed a light box this has been great fun to play with as the laminated leaves look amazing!

nature table contents on light box

Little Boo had fun moving them around then started to make faces.

 Then to count items. We also discussed all the colours that she could see.

From the toy library we borrowed an easi-scope this is a computerised microscope which is handheld it it is amazing and so easy to install onto the computer.  It allows you to take magnified images of the items .  Little Boo enjoyed this but I think that older children may like the activity more. Little Boo found it more interesting to look at her own skin and finger prints which show up really well using the easi-scope.

magnified image of pine cone
Pine cone

magnified image of pine cone
pine cone

conker husk magnified
conker husk 

feather magnified

fir tree


sycamore tree seed 


Little Boo enjoyed feeling all the objects and we discussed how they felt. She loves to watch how the sycamore tree seeds fall and calls them helicopters!

 We are now in the process of trying out craft ideas using the leaves.  We have made a start with our paper bag owls and making faces with the leaves. However there will be more...

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