Friday 26 October 2012

Painting leaves with feet, sponges and spray bottles.

Painting with leaves and feet

Today we decided to have a day in crafting! This week we have been so busy getting out and about that it was a much needed day to stop and relax (well as much as you can with a 2 year old) the day was actually far from relaxing but was great! Therefore, I have a few activities to share with you all.

 The first few hours was spent outside playing and using our spray bottles! The idea was to get the outline of the leaves by using them.  However, this idea did not work for the desired outcome but we still had fun using the spray bottles and ended up with a very pretty piece of paper! The paper that we are using is wall paper lining brought from the £1 shop this is a wonderfully cheap alternative to the usually very expensive rolls of easel paper and much thicker.  The leaves were stuck down using masking tape folded back on itself.  I used this as the tape is not too sticky and does not damage the leaves when they are peeled off this way the leaves can be reused.

spray painting and leaves

The next thing that we tried was sponge painting.  Little Boo was unsure about this to begin with but once I showed her what would happen she was really engaged and excited to see the results.  I have recently brought Little Boo the block paints that are in the picture.  I realised when she used these type of paints at a local craft day that it encouraged her to mix the colours and she loved doing it.  I then saw the paints in Wilkinsons for £2 and could not resist, she loves them! 

sponge painting with leaves

sponge painting with leaves

Now for the most fun activity painting with feet! Little Boo LOVES me painting her feet to do footprints and she loves to paint my feet as well. First of all we started off just doing footprints.  I then decided to try out the idea with the leaves and it worked.  Little Boo loved it as well.  I did join in as well and ended up having my feet painted and most of my legs! We did this activity in the kitchen this way I can just clean the tiles as it can get quite messy.

Painting leaves with feet

Little Boo peeling away the leaf she was so excited to see what it looked like . 

The finished picture was lovely and if you look you can see the outline of her little feet.  

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