Wednesday, 24 October 2012

More fun with leaves-Sticky Autumn picture

contact paper leaves collage

Little Boo loves playing with contact paper.  We have been using it for making since she was about six months.  I was really pleased to find the sticky back plastic vinyl in the pound shop as usually I pay a lot for it. Due to getting it cheap we were able to make a large picture using the easel to stick the sticky back plastic on to.

The idea was simple we just got all the leaves and the items that we collected out on a big tray I then let Little Boo stick whatever she wanted.  Due to Little Boo loving Tree Fu Tom at the moment we decided to colour in some pictures of him and the others from the program.  We then shrunk these by scanning them and reducing the size.  Little Boo enjoyed doing this as well as she loves using the computer. We used all the characters in the picture as they all live in the forest and Little Boo wanted to make a forest for them.

contact paper leaves collage

I hope that you can enjoy this idea it is so simple and really good fun. I have left our picture out and Little Boo keeps coming back to it to add more items.  When it is completed we will place another piece of contact over the top and some cardboard to make a frame.


  1. That is a fun idea. The sticky texture is a great sensory experience. What a great way to use Fall finds from the outdoors.

    1. Thank you so much for the positive comments we always love doing this activity


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