Monday, 1 October 2012

Using leaves- Paper bag puppet owl

We have been busy collecting leaves! So I have been thinking what we could do with them and then I saw a picture of this owl on google and had to pin it! Little Boo liked the idea as well.  The great thing was that we had some foil cases as well which were great to up-cycle as owl eyes.

Little Boo cut the handles off the paper bag

she stuck down the eyes and placed white stickers inside for the centre of the eyes. Later Little Boo decided that she wanted Googly eyes.

There was green paint on the desk which Little Boo insisted should be used for the belly.

We then had our finished result our Little paper bag owl puppet.  Apparently we now need to make a Daddy and a baby one as well.  This was a great activity which I could see linking to the book Owl Babies. I think that the leaves would be better to be laminated first though as this would mean that the puppet will withstand more usage. 

Hope that you enjoy this activity.

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