Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Nanny and Grandads birthday surprises!

I have loads of creative ideas to share with you as it was my Mom's Birthday yesterday and Dads Birthday today :) Due to this both me and Little Boo have been really busy doing loads of crafts and cooking to give them some home made presents! I love giving home made presents as I know that many people (especially my Mom and Dad) love to receive them.

We made a cake which was nicknamed hedgey from Little Boo! This hedgehog cake I found on the nature detectives website .  The fact that chocolate buttons were used was a massive selling factor to make the cake.  It was a massive success and Little Boo loved making it. 

We also made Nanny a flower window box this was made using 

  • Egg carton
  • acrylic paint 
  • pipe cleaners
  • beads
  • floral Oasis 
  • cardboard box
  • lots of stickers 

These are the cut up egg cartons 

Little Boo painting the egg cartons

Once they are dry pierce a hole in the middle and thread the pipe cleaner  through.

Add beads to the middle as well so that the flowers stay in place. We had decorated the box with loads of stickers and I had cut oasis to fit the box.  This just left Little Boo to place the flowers in.

Little Boo also made Nanny and Grandad their cards.  Nanny's was an idea that I have pinned on Pinterest.  This was two hands that contained a concertina in between.  The hands say I love you then you open the hands and it reads "this much"Little Boo also wrote Happy Birthday in the centre as well. She wanted to use her new stamps so this was a great opportunity. 

To make Grandads card Little Boo used lots of her sparkly paint this was squirted out and added sequins. 

She then made a frame with lollipop sticks and added stickers.  I found a nice picture of Little Boo and stuck this behind then added this to the glittered card (when it was dry it took two days!) 

My Dad loves to have a cake or a biscuit with his cuppa so we made "Grandad's treats to have with a cuppa" We made some cookies and krispie cakes I love making rice krispie cakes they are so easy and so tasty!
Little Boo adding the rice krispies to the chocolate

Grandad loved his treats!
Hope that you like these ideas my Mom and Dad loved them all! 

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  1. Nanny and Grandad did love ALL our little Boo's gifts so so so much. What a cleaver girl we have:-)


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