Friday, 16 November 2012

A guest post by Little Boo's Aunty

When you’ve got such a fabulous mom, being a cool aunty is a pretty tall order.  Little Boo has started coming for a sleep over and the pressure was on to find things to do together that she would enjoy.  We both enjoy cooking (in our matching aprons) and making crafts (I think this runs in the family!).
The first time boo had a sleepover, we made our tea together.  We made some pizza, and little boo chose her own toppings and sprinkled them on. 

Aunty Wendy’s pizza! (no cheese version!)
After tea, we made some crunchy granola for mommy.  First we greased some baking trays using melted coconut butter.

I prepared all of the ingredients, and little boo helped to weigh them out.  Then came the fun part – blending it all up in the blender!  Little boo was a bit scared of the noise at first, but it really appealed to her love of mixing things up! 

She loved it so much, we had to make a banana smoothie later on, just so we could use the blender again!  We baked the granola, and whilst it was in the oven, little boo decorated a tub for it to go in.

For this I used a large lidded tub that my porridge comes in (I believe these tubs feature quite often on this blog!) – If you are trying to find one, it is Asda’s own porridge.  We looked through newspapers and magazines to try and find pictures of the ingredients to go on the tub.  Boo found some pictures of apples, and raisins, and nuts.  She cut them out carefully and stuck them on.  All in all, we had a lovely night together, finished off by a bath and about 4 bedtime stories.

On the next sleepover, we made some cheerio cakes, with a recipe I got off Pinterest. 
These were very simple to do, and made loads!  Boo helped to weigh out the butter, and chopped it up using her own knife to go into the pan.  I watched her carefully, but she kept reminding me that she was being careful, bless.  Boo then put the marshmallows into the pan (and one in her mouth), and I put them on the hob to melt down. 

Little boo then greased the pan, I put some melted coconut butter in a little pot and gave her my pastry brush, so she could paint the pan. We measured out the cheerios into a bowl, counting 6 cups, and added the packet of cranberries.  Little boo asked if they were red raisins.  We tried one to see if they were the same as raisins. Once the marshmallows were melted, we stirred them into the cheerios and then put the mixture into the greased pan, and into the fridge.  You need to cut them up with a sharp knife after about 30 mins in the fridge.  We all enjoyed eating these at the fireworks night the next day!  Boo was very impressed with them, but didn’t want to eat one as they made her fingers sticky.

I hope that you have enjoyed my sisters post.  I am really grateful that she wanted to write for the blog. Please feel free to check out her blog over at Never-rest she blogs about all her training for long distance events.  

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