Saturday, 3 November 2012

Making a marble run with toilet rolls

As you know I am always trying to find ways to reuse items around the house. For today's idea I decided to reuse toilet rolls (as we always have them!) to make a marble run. I have wanted to make one of these for ages but have had to wait till Little Boo was old enough to have marbles and know not to put them in her mouth. I still sat with her the whole time we did the activity just in case.

Little Boo helped to make the marble run she loved it, as at the moment she loves sellotape.  I had a funnel from the scrapstore which was good fun to add in as the marble would spin around.  I cut most the toilet rolls in half then attached them with sellotape to a piece of mount card.  This was a trial and error process as we had to keep checking the angles were right in order to make the marbles go to the right place.

 Little Boo loved the idea and put marbles down and waterbeads and anything she could find.  It was good for her to see that some things would not roll down such as an elastic band!  The waterbeads were great fun to use as they bounce when they come off the marble run.  Little Boo loved chasing after them.

We started to count the Marbles as we put them down the marble run and would see which colour marble came first, second and third.  Therefore, the activity incorporated maths as well as fine motor skills to be able to pick up the marbles.

I have started Pinterest boards on crafts to make with cardboard boxes and toilet rolls I thought people would find this helpful.  There are ideas from us and from others so enjoy.

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