Saturday, 24 November 2012

Snowman Bottle

I am really keen to show ideas that I think younger children would be able to do so have decided to show you this Snowman.  I remember when Little Boo was younger that she loved to pack things into bags and put things into containers so this really is a great craft for this stage.

All you need is

  • A bottle
  • googly eyes
  • cotton wool
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Buttons/ stickers
  • Felt or up-cycled fabric
  • Double sided tape (sticks better than glue to the plastic)

We did this activity just before bedtime it is not messy which makes a change :)

To start with make sure the bottle is clean and well dried.  Fill it with Cotton wool, we counted the wool into the container which was great for learning numbers. 

Screw lid back on either you could do this or the child as this is a great way to develop fine motor skills.  After this attach the googly eyes, add  nose and smile. Little Boo cut out the scarf herself and then managed to use the scissors to snip the frayed effect.  I am so pleased with how well she uses her scissors now mind you, I always used to love cutting up. We have some buttons that Little Boo chose three that she liked then stuck them on the bottle with double sided tape. All that was left then was to add the pipe cleaner arms which she stuck on with sellotape then the hat. 

Hope that you enjoy this activity we are using ours to place in the sideboard but I am sure that it could be hung up as it is not very heavy. I have already had requests to make a daddy one and a baby one!

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  1. You are so right - little ones do love putting things in containers. This is such an original idea! Happy to have found your blog through Pinterest! Following you there now.


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