Friday, 30 November 2012

Very simple snowman garland

We have made a very simple garland together ready for Saturday when we decorate! This is a simple idea and apologies that there are not many pictures as I did not think I was going to post this.  However, I thought that many would like this idea as it is simple to make and a nice decoration. All you need is paper plates, string. straws, orange card or felt then a black felt.

Little Boo added a nose by cutting out some orange card. We then drew on the rest of the face. When the plates were completed Little Boo cut up some straws.  These straws were then used to thread in between the plates.

This was a great idea to practice threading and cutting.  To make it easier I wrapped some sellotape around the string as it was fraying making threading challenging. After this there were no problems. Hope that you like the idea.


  1. These are adorable and I bet they make you happy whenever you look at them. Love the fact that it's kid made.

  2. That's very cute!! I started a new saturday linky and would love to have you come by to share some of your great ideas!


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