Sunday, 2 December 2012

A Christmas party for the dolls

Little Boo is very excited about Christmas and today in her advent was pretty paper to write our letter to Santa and an invitation to her dolls Christmas party! We got to work making crackers and party hats.  I was surprised that Little Boo liked the crackers even though they did not bang.  All we did was wrap toilet rolls with tissue paper and tape them. They looked really effective. Some of them we made into mini crackers as the "dollies are only little"

We also made some little chairs as I had some cardboard boxes spare.  These did not take long to make and we will be adding paper mache to them to make them more sturdy for reusing them. I have a feeling that we will be adding a bit of sparkle to them as well as they are pretty dull at the moment. I should of taken pictures of the stages but all I did was cut two flaps of the box fold one in a suitable place and cut the other one into two equal pieces then attached this. I hope that the picture helps if anyone wants to use the idea they would be brilliant in a home corner as long as the children do not sit on them :)

Then we set up Little Boos kitchen as she wanted to cook for them and the table (upside down toy box with wrapping paper tablecloth) .  I was really pleased that Little Boo looked for Knives and forks and even laid these out in a sensible way.  Everyone had to have straws as Little Boo loves these at the moment.

After this the dolls wanted pudding so we made some snowman biscuits using the white play dough and then decided to use this for a Christmas pudding. Little Boo really enjoyed cutting this up and sharing it between the dolls. 

We both enjoyed this and to be honest spent most of the morning returning to the activity making more crackers and inviting more dolls and teddies to join our party. 

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  1. What a cute party. I absolutely love the cardboard box doll chairs! What a great idea!


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