Sunday, 9 December 2012

Snowman biscuits

We helped my Mom and Dad over the weekend to put up the Christmas decorations.  A tradition that I would never like to miss out on! I love doing their tree as it has loads of mine and my sisters decorations that we made when we were little, so many great memories! We tend to laugh at each others creations and at my Mom for keeping them ALL.  I can now understand why she keeps them all though I could not part with anything Little Boo makes.

 I hope that when Little Boo gets bigger that we will to have decorations that she can look at.  It was funny to watch Little Boo look at the decorations that we made with great interest.  I thought at one point that she may start to offer me tips for improving my master pieces.

Anyway due to putting up the decorations I thought it would be nice if we had a little something to take with us so decided to make some biscuits (always goes down well with my Dad he is a biscuit addict).  I searched on-line for the simplest recipe I could find and found this easy biscuits recipe this suited the limited ingredients that I had available and time.  Little Boo loved mixing all the ingredients that I had ready for her in bowls.  We mixed it then cut out the circles then all of them were ready to bake.

Only problem was that I had to be at my Mom's within the hour which gave them just enough time to cook and cool.  No time to decorate them.  I told Little Boo that we would finish them the next day which was met with tears, this meant that the biscuits went on a trip to Nannies to finish off cooling in the car as we drove there.

We finished them off once we had decorated and everyone loved them.  I know they liked them as some suspiciously went missing before they were even decorated! All we did to decorate them was add a bit of icing sugar then a sweet for the nose and chocolate drops for the eyes and mouth.  This is great for fine motor skills as Little Boo had to pick up the small bits to decorate the biscuits. They were then all finished to eat. Apologies that they are on an icing sugar splattered plate needless to say Little Boo liked spreading the icing.

This idea is really versatile and could be used for many occasions. All you need to do is decorate them differently.  If you do not feel like making the biscuits why not decorate rich tea biscuits?

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  1. Cute!
    We just had snowman cocoa today, with whip cream and a marshmallow with a face on a melted snowman.
    So fun to play with food during the holidays!


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