Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Merry Mail Christmas card holder

Today we received loads of Christmas cards from people. However, we had a problem where should we place these as we had no Christmas card holder and the banister that we usually use has been overtaken by the advent calender! So me and Little Boo set to work making a Christmas card holder. 

After a bit of research on line I had an idea and wanted to make. First we painted a piece of a cardboard box black.  This is Little Boos favourite colour to paint with and I knew that it would look nice behind the material I decided to wrap the card with.  We painted the pegs with a mixture that Little Boo mixed with a combination of glitter and paint. Actually more glitter than paint. 

The Merry Mail sign  was done using a free Christmas font called Mickey's Merry Christmas   .  Little Boo chose the font when we were on the Computer she loves Mickey so I was not surprised. 
I then highlighted the font in Microsoft word clicked on the right button then clicked font then ticked outline.  This meant that Little Boo could colour this in. 

Once this was coloured it was just a case of putting this all together. 

We attached another piece of card to the back of the black piece just to reinforce it.  This also gave us the opportunity to sandwich the ribbon in between the two pieces of card. Little Boo enjoyed using the sellotape to attach this.


This is how it looked when all the pieces were attached. The silver part is a piece of card we wrapped with a silver paper. After this we just added the letters with a glue stick.  I have added eyelets to the top but you could just tie a ribbon to the top to hang this.  Little Boo later loved adding the cards with the pegs. 

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