Saturday, 12 January 2013

Encouraging mark making using imaginative play

Happy New Year! to all my readers.  Here we start a brand new year in which I hope to bring you all some ideas.  This is the year that Little Boo turns 3 and starts Nursery how scary! time really is going too fast.

Today we have been playing with the dolls.  Little Boo LOVES her dolls at the moment and so wanted to play doctors with them.  Before Christmas I printed off some doctor role play resources which we are using in this activity

doctors surgery from Sparklebox
Hospital Role play from Sparklebox
Baby Clinic from Sparklebox

All the print out packs were available FREE! I had to make our own appointment sheet (could not find one but only took a few minutes) which had to have Dr Ranj from Get Well Soon on as Little Boo loves this programme at the moment. The sheets I placed in plastic wallets so that they could be reused as I gave Little Boo a dry erase marker to use.

It ended up being a Baby Clinic and Little Boo was measuring and weighing the dolls.

 She was then answering the telephone to book patients in.  I did not realise until we started playing the great opportunity this provided for fun mark making.  Little Boo loved writing in the Telephone messages and writing in the heights and weights and writing in the patients names on the appointments.

At one point I asked her to write her own name and she made a very good attempt there is definitely a letter "s" there!

I hope that you enjoy this activity.

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  1. I LOVE this! My daughter's a bit small for it at the moment but I shall have to bookmark this so I remember when she's a bit older.


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