Monday, 28 January 2013

The Bath Cafe

Welcome to our bath cafe! Really simple to set up and fun. All that is needed is some kitchen toys, a plastic lid from a box that fits across the bath and Fun foam to make the food.  Little  Boo spent ages in the bath making me sandwiches, soups and ice creams.  The food items stuck to the wall I just cut out of fun foam.  They work really well and stick on top of each other so a sandwich can be made.  This was great for learning numbers as I was asking Little Boo for a certain number of items for my sandwich.  Bubbles make a great pretend ice cream.  Fun foam was also used to create buttons on the pretend oven. This was to try and help Little Boo with her number recognition as I was encouraging her to press the different numbered buttons. 


  1. Did you glue the "yolks" to the egg whites or did you just let the water let them stick together? My grandson loves to play in the tub as well as play pretend so I am thinking of making him a bunch of this for a Valentine's Day present.

    1. Sorry for the late reply I did not sick them together as I was worried how the glue would react when in the water. The water did a great job of sticking them though. I hope that this helps. Enjoy :)

  2. perfect idea wow!


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