Friday, 14 March 2014


I really enjoy quilling and was thinking how I could help little Boo to do this. The normal quilling tool and paper are really small to use.  I then had an idea to make a quilling tool.  This could be easily made with wood or a dolly peg (if you have them) however, I did not.  I did have a few toilet rolls though and then got to thinking how I could make a quilling tool with the toilet roll.  I was really pleased with the outcome it was really simple to make.

How to make the quilling tool 

  • Cut open the toilet roll then re roll this as tight as possible.

  • Tape this with sellotape all the way around  
  • Cut two slots at the top
  • wrap tape around the slots 
  • Place paper around the card at the bottom to make it look nicer 

  • All done! 

Due to the size of the quilling tool being bigger the paper works better if it is longer.  We have recently wall papered a room in the house so this was a great opportunity to use up some of our left over wall paper! I also save wrapping up paper which has worked well.

This is the result Little Boo keeps on adding to this.

Quilling is really simple to do.  All that you do is wrap the paper around the tool. Pull it off let it slightly unspiral then glue the end.  You can then shape this with your fingers.  There are loads of shapes that can be made 

I hope that you enjoy this idea.  It may be a good idea for mothers day?

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