Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Carving stamps

Today I found out about stamp carving and had to have a go. 

I wanted a cheap way of doing this so opted to use a cuticle cutter instead of a Lino cutting tool. 

All I used was: 

Erasers- I just used the ones I had spare around the house but will definitely be buying bigger ones the weekend. 
Cuticle cutter/remover 
Ink pad 

The idea was to draw the design on the paper then rub on the back of the paper to transfer the image. However, I found I worked better if I just went for it! 

After an hour I had all the erasers carved back and front. One of the stamps I carved around the outside as well. Below are the results. I am so pleased and know I am going to be doing more as it is so relaxing. 

This is my favourite design. 

I hope you enjoyed this please feel free to leave comments below. 

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