Thursday, 29 January 2015

Making a loose leaf journal

As you may be aware I have been getting back into being creative. I have started art journaling and am loving the process. However, I feel quite hindered by working in a book this is because; I feel like I have to fill it, it takes ages for me to be happy that the surface is flat, I spend half my time looking in my journal for a suitable page to use and feel it stops my creative flow. I feel I work much better on a piece of paper of my choice. 

Due to this I decided to make a loose leaf journal so I can create my pages then put them in the book afterwards. 

To make the journal I used 

Arch leaf folder (the binder was broken) 
Old cards 
Art materials to decorate including doll template from Such a pretty mess

To start with I had an arch leaf folder that needed using so I decided to upcycle it for this journal. I took out the ring binder section and metal corners off. 

then decorated the folder. The folder provided a great surface to do a mixed media cover on to. 

When I was happy with the cover

bound into the folder 12 small cards. These I bound in a figure of 8 and added beads as I bound it.

Then the journal was complete!! Now I am free to stick the loose leaf pages in to the book using the cards by sticking the pages to them. In all I could put 48 pieces in here if I wanted to as I could put work in back to back. I am really pleased with the outcome and will definitely be upcycling more arch leaf folders :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this please leave a comment below :) 


  1. Amy, your journal is absolutely beautiful!!...Inside and out!! Gorgeous colors too!!xo

  2. Thankyou very much for the positive comment. I really enjoyed making it :)


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