Saturday, 10 January 2015

Making a smash book

I have not heard of a smash book before but after doing a bit of research I decided that this sounded my kind of craft.  To me the smash book is like a scrapbook however, you do not need to spend loads of time making it look pretty like a scrap book.  The idea is that it is a quicker way to document what interests you or places/ events that you have been to or taken part in.

I have started a homemade smash book using old notebook front and back cover.  I recovered these to make them more appealing.  I then decided to use book rings to bind the smash book as I am just adding pages as I go as often my page may be a bag from the place I have visited or a map/leaflet.

I keep all the items that I want to Smash in a box so they are waiting for when I have free time.  For example there are photographs and tickets/collected items from the places we have visited.  Little Boo liked the idea so much that she wanted to make a smash book for herself.  I am really interested to see how this goes and am going to leave it to her to choose what she wants to add to the book.  I feel that it will be a good opportunity for her to improve her writing as well as creative skills.


My Smash book also has a part dedicated to our new family member and doubles up as a baby book.  For this section I have used gift bags, gift wrap and ribbon I received to make the inside.  This makes it a lot cheaper and a great way to recycle!

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