Thursday, 26 April 2012

Making our butterfly mobile

Here come those bottle tops again! This idea came from sitting down with Boo and watching how she played with the bottle tops.

Luckily, the bottle tops were open so Little Boo started by pushing pipe cleaners into them.  I then thought these look like antenna! We could make a butterfly.

After looking at our bottle top collection I knew we could thread the bottle tops to make the body.  This is when I asked my better half to get busy making holes in the bottle tops (which is pretty easy to do) Whilst we got to making the wings. The sequins had to come out.

The wings were created on fun foam  

The bottle caps were then threaded to a pipe cleaner (just looped the
 bottom to stop them falling out)
We then picked out two googly eyes and left it to dry.

 After this I glued it all together using a hot glue gun then used fishing wire as a method of hanging it up.  I hope that you like this idea.  We are making a few more so a mobile can be made.

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  1. What a great idea - I've not looked at those bottle tops like that before - very inspiring.

  2. Super upcycled butterfly craft -- You are one creative lady! Thanks so much for linking up at Discover & Explore this week - I'm pinning you to my 'Going Green' board since I know with Earth Day is a few weeks, others will want to see this one!


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