Friday, 27 April 2012

Who enjoys splashing more Mommy or Little Boo?

I opened the curtains this morning to a miserable day rain, rain, rain! Then I thought why is it that we can not appreciate the sun as much as the rain.  So therefore I set to work we were going to enjoy the rain as much as the sunshine! Instead of the suncream and sun hat we had our wellies and coats on and were ready to splash!

Little Boo she was very pleased with her umbrella

There was plenty of splashing
Proof that Mommy was splashing as well it was actually great fun but I got some weird looks from passers by,  just because I am a grown up does not mean I can not enjoy splashing in puddles.  It is worth the funny looks to see Little Boos face when I was jumping like her she loved it!  

When we got  in and dried off Mommy even had a pretend cup of tea made, fantastic!

It has really made me think differently about rainy days.  We sat down later and looked through some poems to find one suitable and came across this Puddles by Brenda Williams I have uploaded our picture and used Skitch (app on ipad) to write the poem I hope you like it. We are going to do this for a few of our favourite poems and make a scrapbook.  I think that it makes the poems more personal for Little Boo as she can remember doing the activities.

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