Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sparkly letters

I feel that the best activities are those that your children just do naturally.  This is an activity that came purely from Little Boo herself (after the pig creation). There were loads of sequins in the boxes which she just started grabbing and moving from one box to the other.

Moving them one box to the other
Pouring them

First making a circle
Then a letter e

Then making marks with a lolly pop stick

When pouring apparently the sequins "look pretty" and "make a nice noise" Then with the ones that had spilt she started drawing. I realise this can get messy but she loved it! We put down a sheet of foam so she could easily see what letter or shape she was making. I would write something in the sequins then she would copy. It started a brilliant conversation about letters as Little Boo suggested what the letter b looked like.

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