Monday, 7 May 2012

Birthday card for Nanny

I wanted to share with you a craft that we have been doing since Little Boo was ten months. It is making contact pictures, it is wonderful as I have seen how the pictures have improved with time.  Nannies Birthday is today so we decided to make her a card using our contact picture.

All that is needed is

  • Two pieces of contact paper (Usually used to cover books) whatever size required.
  • Whatever is wanted to fill it with. (We have used sequins, foam shapes, and pieces of magazines, tissue paper)
First of all lay the contact paper sticky side up.  I remember when Little Boo was younger even this was funny as she would just keep on touching it.

Add what is wanted

Little Boo wanted to cut some pieces of paper as well to  place on there

The finished contact with a printed message. Now place another piece of contact on top of this to sandwich everything together.

We made ours into a card for Nannies Birthday so I made a border on a card

Then attached it inside.

The possibilities are endless with these contact pictures.

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