Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A day in the den

Over the weekend I wanted to try and encourage a few quite hours. So decided to make a reading den for me and Little Boo to enjoy.  I went into her room armed with the clothes airier and a few blankets and a chair and the den was created. I got a load of books and spread them all over the floor inside the den so we could easily pick out books.

It was fantastic as Little Boo concentrated for an hour and a half just reading and looking at books together. Recently, I was lucky enough to go to a lovely wedding in which a friend had loads of glow sticks left over which she was kind enough to give to Little Boo.  So I decided to decorate the den with them!
Our reading Den which is still  there now Little Boo will not let me take it down.

Glow sticks in the den.

Sharing a book together.


  1. I used to make these! They're so fun!

    1. They are great fun! I am already thinking how else we can decorate it. Thankyou for visiting the blog and sharing.


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