Friday, 11 May 2012

Painting with trucks and spray bottles

Today we went to our local library then did a bit of shopping and found some spray bottles in a shop.  After a quick check that Little Boo could now independently use them we brought three :) all only 99p each.  The idea was that they could be used to paint with.

I was really pleased as when we got back the sun was actually out perfect weather for our spray painting (this is not an activity that I would encourage to do indoors unless you want your house redecorated).

Spraying the paint.

Watching the colours change.

The completed masterpieces
Luckily we have slabs in our back garden so I just stuck some big sheets of paper down (recently started to buy wallpaper lining as it is thicker and cheaper than the craft rolls) and we set to work.  Little Boo was fantastic at spraying the paint and the activity even got her noticing how the colours mix. I decided to get out a few trucks that we have recently brought for Little Boo to use as well.  The tyres make a fantastic pattern.  We also used paint brushes to flick the paint at the paper. 

In the bottles is just a watered down poster paint.  There is no exact measurements I just kept on adding poster paint until I was happy with the colour. I hope that you can enjoy this activity as much as we did.

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