Tuesday, 17 July 2012

20 great animal books fact, fiction and sticker

I LOVE reading books to Little Boo (think that you may have noticed by now).  So today I have decided to look at our top 20 animal books as this week we are looking at the theme of animals I thought this would be appropriate. 

I have split the books into three sections of fiction, fact and sticker books as I feel there is a benefit to each area.  I confess that it was not up until a few months back after reading a book about reading to children that I even considered factual books for a child of Little Boos age. However this book really promoted the reading of factual books to children and I have been really pleased with the benefits.  

The benefits of reading Factual books 
  • Books can be picked on the child's interests, (last week Little Boo decided on the post deliverer) 
  • Makes books less overwhelming as they do not need to be read in order but can be dipped into and out of and sections the child likes can be discussed.
  • Improves vocabulary the words that are written in a factual book are often different to fiction as the text is written to inform.  
  • Answers children's questions very often children start the "why" stage using factual books can feed their curious nature. 
  • Teaches children to read for meaning from a young age especially if you ask simple questions about what has been explored.  
Factual Books

The factual books that are available now for children are fantastic here are the ones that we like. These are fantastic as you can select the areas that you want to read.

This one is great as the pages flap out to
 be massive life size images
 it is just unfortunate that
 they did not consider
 making the pages with thicker paper as it
could be easily ripped. 

This book is really big and has loads of interactive sections
like lifting flaps to reveal other animals or pulling the tabs. 
Little Boo using the wheel to change the colour
of the Toucans beak

Moving the tab to reveal the baby Joey. 

A book  that talks about opposites strongest and weakest animals 

This book is wonderful just to read little sections

A really lovely illustrated book

Fiction Books

The quiet lady bird saves the prize cow from the nasty thieves.  We always try to spot the lady bird on each page and especially like the glitter!

Handa has some fruit for her friend Akeyo however on the way  different animals take the fruits. Also a good book to learn numbers .

The animals decide to have a beauty contest before the zoo opens. 

As you know from the previous post we love this book. 

I know the words to this.  Little
Boo always asks for this book all
about a Little Monkey who has lost his Mom.

A very funny story where they go shopping but wild animals are on the shopping list 

All about animals in the Jungle a great rhyming book. 

A funny book where you need to guess the animals
in fancy dress

A different animal for each letter is explored and accompanied by a poem about the animal 

Going on a safari and spotting different animals 

The sections that are feely

A very funny story about a giraffe who learns to dance.

Sticker Books 

This is expensive for a sticker
book but it is really nice loads
of different stickers and scenes.  

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