Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Making animal tracks

Today we have looked at animal tracks I saw these shoes on-line and thought how can these be modified to a  "make your own" for a painting situation.  We were sitting having breakfast when Little Boos Wellies were looking at me and I had a moment of inspiration.  After all they are washable so no worries even if they do get covered in paint.  They are also (I think) a safer option than flip flops. 

The animal track that I used for this creation is a bear as I thought the print was interesting the tracks were found on-line. I just re sized the image by cropping it on Microsoft word then dragging out the image to increase the size.  I used an empty box to make the tracks but made the actual track prints thick by using two layers of card.  

Wellies with the cardboard elastic bands used to keep the card on 

Only a thin layer of paint is needed. 

Then the fun began.....
I held Little Boos hand while she stepped into the paint. 

Then it was track making time. 

Some of the tracks turned out well it all depended on how she walked.  You have to really pick up your feet.
"Look Mommy the cows footprints"

Time for the elephant 

Not happy with just making the animals prints she wanted to make her own :)

We noticed that with a thick layer of paint the animals make tracks in this as well

It was really funny as after all this fun I thought what better way to end the painting than by giving the animals a bath.  After all they needed a clean they were covered in paint! Nanny has recently been away for the weekend and knowing that Little Boo LOVES playing with little bottles of shower gel to wash her dolly's, brought all her hotel goodies back she was over the moon! hence the bag next to the bath with the hotel shampoos and shower gels in. The animals even got some lovely body cream on them afterwards.

I have also made some animal track rubbings made the same way as in my previous post.  The animal prints were found at nature detectives.  I just printed them out and stuck them on card (empty box).  Then did the same as before.  Unfortunately they did not turn out as good as I wanted them to but Little Boo was still impressed with them.  

Animal tracks rubbings 


  1. What a great activity...just popping over from the Playtime linky. Love the pics...going to try this out with my twins!!

    1. Hope that it works out well enjoy yourselves. Hopefully you can get outside to do the activity we managed to get out (the rain stopped for a few hours) hurray!!

  2. What a super fun idea! Thanks for linking up to the Outdoor Play Party!

    1. My pleasure thanks for having the linky. I love taking part in these it is a great way to share ideas and look at other peoples for inspiration.

  3. That is such a cute idea! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Glad that you liked the idea :) the possibilities are endless! Little Boo enjoyed using different kinds of old shoes as well to see the tracks they left behind.


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