Saturday, 21 July 2012

Some animal apps!

OK so here is where I confess that I do love technology.  I realise that the use of ipads and iphones with children is quite a controversial some people love the idea some people hate it.  I found this article online  which suggests that if the technology is used correctly for example with an adult facilitating the app then it can be beneficial and add to talk time with younger children.  I use my ipad/iphone in this manner very often me and Little Boo will sit down and play with them together. Often we have quite a giggle! So today I share with you our top animal apps all downloaded yesterday for FREE. 

Make a Scene Farmyard
This is great you can make your own farmyard scene.  Little Boo especially liked the farmers wife as she says "Hello my dears".  We had a giggle about that.  It also encourages counting as I asked Little Boo to count out the animals as she was placing them onto the screen.  This would also be a great way to make your own story!

This was the finished masterpiece! that was emailed to Nanny

Find Them all looking for animals 

This is a great app you have to find the animals that are on the farm.  Some are quite difficult to spot though but they make noises and the nearer you get to them the louder they get.  The mouse was quite difficult to find.  Once you have found so many animals you win a camera and can take photographs.  After 12 animals are found night time comes and the animals have to be found before it goes dark, Little Boo found this good and was rushing to find them "before it went to dark".  The farm world is free but other worlds are £1.49 each.  We are happy with just keeping the free one for now though.  

Make an Animal

Please do not let the image put you off this is so funny as you can  make your own animals up. This is a simple tap of the correct part that you want to change.  They can then be emailed to you once completed.  A great way I think to make some characters for story telling! Little Boo liked it and it got her talking about the different animals "that is the pigs nose".

Animal Zoo 

This is an interactive flash card app with 40 wonderful animal noises.  We used this to play the guess the animal game.  We took it in turns to hold the i pad and pressed the noise whilst the other had to guess what animal it was.  

Animal Zoo Puzzle 

There are 8 drag and drop puzzles in this app.  After placing the pieces into the correct shape you are told the animals name and it is then spelt out.  Little Boo liked this as it was like "stickers" at first she was a bit frustrated that the app slowed down the drag and drop process by telling you the name of the animals but after a while she started to repeat back the animal name and the letters.

Animal Find 

This is a simple app we used it on the tik tok mode where you are given a set amount of time to find the animals.  An animal is said then Little Boo had to find the animal in the grid.  The grid is never full and only displayed about six animals at a time.  The only concern was that some of the animal images were difficult for her to distinguish. 

Animals I spy Junior 

Another drag and drop activity there are seven scenes where Little Boo dragged and dropped the different animals into the correct shapes.  The only problem is that the animals were floating all about the screen not in a designated area.  Often this made the animals themselves difficult to spot. Once all the animals are placed in the correct areas Little Boo then had to answer questions such as "Find the pig" she then tapped on the pig and once all the questions were asked was awarded a gold, silver or bronze star.   

We used this on easy mode and took it in turns to try and match the cards.  A very simple idea and Little Boo enjoyed trying to win! Can be used in more difficult modes for older children as well or as the child progresses. 

I admit that I also love this app myself it is really good fun Little Boo had to draw loads of things including making squiggles for  the sheep's wool.  After this has been done you press go and the image is animated. 

Well I hope that you like this post love it or hate it let me know.  I would like to share more apps with you in the future and possibly e books that we have found for free thanks to No Twiddle Twaddle blog.  I will keep checking the comments as this will hopefully give me an indication of whether readers have enjoyed this. 

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