Friday, 20 July 2012

Music about animals and noisy balloons.

Today we listened to some music and made our own instruments out of balloons!   The balloons were filled with various different items that made them noisy.  These included water, rice, cous cous, pasta and spaghetti.  It was great fun and very noisy in the house as Little Boo has found the dial to turn  the music up.  We have a CD which I recently brought this has some great tracks on it our favourites are In the Pink and Down in the Jungle. However you do not need to buy CD with the internet now it is easy to get music.

Some animal music that we found on line

Walking through the jungle- Makaton signed version
Five Monkeys jumping on the bed
The Jungle song  this is so funny the video had me and Little Boo laughing the Little dog is so funny!
Bare Necessities 
Elephant march Jungle Book 
These are the sounds the animals make 
The animal Boogie - great video.
Animal sound with questions

Loads of shaking going on and kicking! Little Boo was even able to guess what was in the balloons. 

Hope that you enjoy sharing this.  Sorry that it will not be a quiet activity but it will be good fun!

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