Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Kids art and crafts essentials

Today I have decided to post all about children's craft essentials I think it is important that parents know that it is not essential to spend a fortune so I will also provide a list of places where I buy the essentials from for less money.  I will now apologise for anyone outside of the UK who reads this post as I realise that the shops are different.  I would appreciate anyone who lives in other areas to make comments at the bottom as to where you purchase your children's craft items from.

These are all the items that we use frequently and that I feel are useful when we are being creative. Thank you to those followers on my facebook page that also helped with the compiling of this list.

I have tried to link many of the items to activities that we have done or linked to inspiration from others.

Glue stick and PVA most of our activities use these items

Double sided sticky tape

Sellotape 4 easy puppets 

Paints- The footprint paper , making animal tracks 



Colouring pencils and crayons- Make your own crayons

Brushes we use all sorts of brushes all of which were brought from ASDA and I think they were £1.50 for 10

Sequins writing letters in , up-cycle milk bottles into magnets

googly eyes use with play dough to make portraits or monsters, not forgetting our up-cycled pig and 4 easy puppets 

roll of paper (We now buy wall paper lining from the pound shop this stuff is brilliant)making animal tracks , glove painting, painting with spray bottles and cars 

Butcher paper thank you to a facebook reader for recommending this I never realised that this is a cheap alternative to rolls of paper

Food colouring (yes I know this is odd but there is so much you can do) Making playdough , An amazing list at Momma's fun world 

Lollipop sticks we made our beach hut from these and our chairs.  You can do busy bag ideas like this craft stick puzzles from motherhood on a dime , or for making shapes a letters an idea from Tot treasures 


Stickers making a wind chime, paper bag kite

Contact paper learn with play at home have great ideas about what to do with this! , Making a card for nanny 

Scissors and different types zig zag etc Making a card for nanny practising using scissors 

Pom poms pom pom people, spoon and pom pom race , caterpillar counting activity , Making a bouquet of flowers

Straws-practising using scissors 

fun foam bath time fun , learning letters building

glitter- I am sure you have noticed that Little Boo LOVES glitter I buy glitter that has a shaker on the top thanks to this she can use the glitter independently and not too much comes out. Just check the lid is on properly before starting to shake :)

Silicon tray Make your own crayons, making Olympic medals chocolate and play dough ones. A facebook reader also mentioned that she used these as paint pots.  This is a great idea as they are so easy to wash and really cheap to buy.

Play dough sweet shop, practice using scissors 

Pipe cleaners pin less pin wheel, creating letters

Glitter shakers less mess and can be used more independently

Items to not throw away and use
toilet rolls love these ideas by saved by loves creations and do not forget our posts painting without brushes and making a rain maker.

card board boxes and card scraps, Making a postbox, Small world play make your own mat

junk mail- use it for practising cutting

sellotape reel make your own threading toy, make your own roll stamp just add stickers around the outside.

Used wrapping paper and magazinespractising using scissors , Homemade flower press, Making funny faces 

old sponges - use them for painting and as cheap board rubbers

bubblewrap textured letters and letter recognition

Places where we buy our essentials from
Pound shop
Pound world
scrap store
The Works

A piece of advise would also be to buy items after certain events have happened such as after Christmas or Easter or just after the "back to school" I find that many places place the arts and crafts materials on sale.

Since starting to do more arts and crafts with Little Boo I have been surprised at how much everyday items have become essential to our craft supply.  I hope that this list has been helpful needless to say there is probably something I have missed I hope not though.  I will look forward to the comments that people make as we may compile a larger list :) Watch this space!

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