Saturday, 25 August 2012

learning the letter b

Today we have been learning the letter b in a very messy and fun way! I hope that you like some of the ideas.

We have been trying out masking tape resist painting.  This is basically where you place masking tape in an area where you do not want there to be paint. It works wonderfully as Little Boo could just go crazy with the paints and then like magic when the paint was dry a letter b appears when the tape is peeled off.

Masking tape resist painting

The letter b completed 

I also made a letter b template this was to draw around but Little Boo had other ideas and we used it as a stencil instead.

Recently we made salt dough letters using the play dough cutters so have painted some of these to place in the initial sounds tub.

Little Boo loves anything to do with threading so I quickly made this threading letter b. I was really pleased that she enjoyed it so much.  It was really simple to make I just used mount card and my crop-a-dile to make the holes. Little Boo is using some shoe laces for threading which Nanny picked up from the £1 shop. This could be a brilliant busy bag idea I think.

letter b threading card

toddler letter b threading card

Little Boo did a great job after showing off her handy work to Daddy she had to show him how she did it. 

I found loads of inspiration through Pinterest (which I am addicted to).  Firstly thank you to Hands on as we grow for this wonderful alphabet maze idea .  We just tweaked the idea slightly as Little Boo has not yet learnt all the alphabet.  We used the idea but used only the letters we have covered (those in her name) and set it up like a bus stop idea where the bus had to "go to letter a" then it had to go to letter s etc. It worked more as a letter recognition game this way.  My worry dolls also made great passengers that were counted on the bus.

From Pinterest I found  DIY letter blocks idea from Simply Real Moms  this shows the uppercase  letter building but after a bit of searching I found the lowercase letter templates on Tired, need sleep thank you so much for this great template as it saved me so much time!  These templates took minutes to print and cut out.  I decided to cut them out of fun foam as they can then be used in the bath or on windows around the house.

Thought I may mention again the alphabet game which was on our No more odd socks post.  This is a game whereby the child throws a ball or in our case the odd sock balls we had made at the letter that is shouted out.

Learning letters the letters are written in chalk on the slabs. 

Not forgetting our initial sound tub which this week consists of a bobble, the letter b (salt dough), a toy bear, toy bus, toy banana, small ball and a massive button donated from my Mom.

I have set up a Pinterest board all about learning letters please feel free to follow.  Hope that you all have a great weekend.


  1. Love the threading idea! Those seem like they would be pretty easy to do yourself with a hole punch. Vicky from

    1. I am hoping that they would be easy to do with a hole punch going to experiment this evening for one of my readers because I used my crop a dile big bite I am sure that it would work though. Thank you for your comments.


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