Saturday, 1 September 2012

Getting busy with busy bags

toddler busy bag ideas

Apologies for technical problems I have now sorted the photographs issue.  I now have realised that I have to resize all my images before uploading them to my picassa web albums so have had the wonderful task of opening each photo on my blog and resizing it.  All worth it though as I have found out a new way of editing the photographs hopefully making them more appealing for everyone.

On the same line as technology I thought that I would also share with you that I can now manage my Facebook page via my mobile phone.  This means that when I return to work and University even if I am unable to do a blog post I will be sharing a photograph with you via facebook.  This may be a book that we have read and enjoyed, a toy from the toy library or an image of what we have been doing.  I hope that this will enable me a way to stay in contact with my readers even when life gets busier again so be sure to "like" the page. I know a lot already have so thank you for that.

Over this next few days I am going to share with you some busy bag ideas.  I have always wanted to make up some busy bags and have started to collate ideas on Pinterest to inspire me. I decided to make these a few days ago and all of them were really simple to make apart from a small incident with my hot glue gun, I forgot how much it hurts to burn yourself! please be careful.

The first one I have shared with you is the magnetic busy tin. In this box are Pom poms that have magnetic sheet placed on the back to make them Magnetic. With thanks to Planet of the Apels  for this idea initially and The Journals of Laura Ingalls Wannabe.  (I could of used magnets but I knew I had this in and did not want to fork out a lot of money buying magnets). I have in this box confessions of a homeschoolers print out  the Pom poms can be placed in the boxes as a counting activity. If you have not been to this blog I suggest that you try it out there are some FANTASTIC resources on there the woman is amazing!. The magnetic numbers in the tin can also be matched to the numbers on the cards.

In this box are the funny faces magnetic travel tin that I shared a few months ago.  Little Boo loves this activity and I thought it would be fun to add this to the tin as well. This way Little Boo gets a choice of which activity she would prefer to do.

I have placed a die inside this tin as well.  Little Boo loves shaking this and playing with it so I thought this would be a fun way to encourage her to count out the dots and then match the number of dots to the number of pom poms that she counts out. There is also the opportunity to encourage children to make patterns with the Pom Poms over at Bubbles and bobbins blog there are some wonderful PDF print outs we are also going to give these a try. I may even make some of our own watch this space...


I am trying to make the bags for as little money as possible as I know many of us like to save money. So thought I would provide a break down of the prices.

Tin- Free (my husband was given some lovely cakes at work that cam in this tin, needless to say I ate most of the cakes)
pom poms- £1 for 200 from pound shop
magnetic sheet- £1 for 2 sheets
magnetic numbers- £2
die- FREE taken out of a  game that was being thrown out

Please feel free to share this idea google+ it Facebook it, Twitter about it or now I have added the option to Pin it. I am addicted to Pinterest!!!

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  1. I was thinking of making something like this for my daughter on car trips. Love all the stuff you put in and that it is all magnetic! Thanks for sharing on the We Made That Linky!


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