Friday, 24 August 2012

Playdough Olympic medals

Today we decided to make Playdough Olympic medals this is to celebrate the Paralympics which will be starting very soon :) We used Homemade play dough  which I made the night before using the recipe in our sweet shop post . To add the colours I used some metallic paint and loads of glitter that we had however I was not really happy with the results that the paint gave and am thinking that gold food colouring gel would of probably been better but probably costs a fortune so this is a good cheap alternative and Little Boo was impressed!

Gold, silver and Bronze playdough

Home made play dough
I am hoping that you can see the sparkle :) probably needed more glitter! 

First Little Boo helped to organise some gold and silver gems and items to decorate the medals.  We also had feathers as the Paralympic medals this year feature the Greek Goddess victory's wing.  Due to this I thought that using the feather would be quite effective.

Toddler sorting activity

All we did is press the gold, silver or bronze play dough into the cake tin placing some ribbon in between the layers.

Making Paralympic playdough medals

Making Paralympic playdough medals
Getting the feather impression on the playdough. This showed up very faintly. 

 Once this was pressed in it popped out easily and we added gems and sparkly things to make it look pretty.  We also used our new letter stamps the idea was to write on the medals Gold, Silver and Bronze but Little Boo just wanted to stamp away which was fine as she was enjoying herself.

Making play dough medals
This picture was taken before I had the cake tin idea.  This was cut using a plastic cup.

making play dough medals

Little Boos favourite toy wearing the medal.


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