Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Busy bags 4

Little Boo loves Charlie and Lola so I was really pleased when I found this dress up game on Cbeebies website. I coloured In the images but older children would probably enjoy doing this themselves. I then laminated it ready for use. This game was never intended for use as a travel game but rethinking the idea and having used it (in the car) I think I needed to add some magnets onto the pieces if we intend to use it as a travel game again. It was good fun but the pieces were slipping everywhere in the car which got frustrating.

There are some other busy bag items which I brought all rather cheap. The first a small magnetic sketch board. A Mr potato head where you attach his facial features. This was a good game to learn where parts of the face go using a lot of position words to explain as Little Boo was playing. The last brought item is shoe lacing.

As mentioned earlier on the blog I wanted to make Little Boo some more threading cards with all the letters of her name. I have done this as a busy bag idea and it has worked well. I am hoping this will help with learning the letters of her name.      



  1. Loving the busy bags, I've pinned quite a few! You could always use Velcro for Charlie and Lola, but a great busy bag. We've got the sketch board from poundland, but where did you score a cheap mr potato head? Really enjoying your blog

    1. Thank you for your support with the pinning! I got the cheap Mr potato Head from Hooty's this is a Wholesale place. I always pop there and usually manage to pick up a bargain.


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