Monday, 3 September 2012

Busy bags part 3

The next three busy bags that I am sharing with you are threading inspired. I am sure some of you may have seen our post on the Sellotape reel threading. For this I created a threading game for Little Boo out of Sellotape reels. These are great to transport as all is needed is the reels and threading material. Little Boo loves threading so this always keeps her happy and busy.

Another threading bag just contains coloured beads and some pipe cleaners that are the same colours as the beads. The idea is that the beads can be matched to the same colour pipe cleaner. However, Little Boo also enjoyed just twisting the pipe cleaners around each other as well or just making mommy pretty bracelets.

Button practise is the next busy bag this was inspired from tried and trues post on busy bag swaps.  It is simple to make and cheap as I already had loads of felt. The idea is to improve skills with using a button. Little Boo can use the button to put the felt shapes onto the ribbon. This was easy to make and can be used for pattern making and/or colour recognition. Little Boo enjoyed this as I started to make it more and more challenging with the patterns. The only problem was that the felt holes will stretch so be careful when little one is using this especially if they get frustrated if they can not button one on.

Hope that you liked these ideas there are a few more tomorrow :) 

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