Sunday, 2 September 2012

Busy bags part 2

Today I have three more of our busy bag ideas to share with you. First of all I decided to place all our busy bags in clear pencil cases which were purchased at 99p each.  These have been plenty big enough and enable Little Boo and me to see what is in each bag. I could of brought the binder pencil cases and was considering this until I saw that they were quite expensive.

First of all is the sandpaper and wool bag. The idea came from Modern parents messy kids blog . This is a great bag as the ideas are so versatile children can either make letters numbers or simple patterns. This bag is so easy to transport as well. The sandpaper I brought from the pound  shop so it was not very expensive at all.  The wool was brought from a  local shop and was £2.00 for each massive ball.  I had these in though as I have used wool before.

The next bag was so easy to get ready and probably the most popular with Little Boo. I have recently brought some little animals for her initial sounds tubs so have placed some of these into a bag with green, blue and brown felt or card. This means we can play a game of where does the animal live grass, water or mud.

The last bag I am sharing with you today is the lollipop sticks and velcro. This idea was again inspired from the web and Tots Treasures. Little Boo was able to make shapes and patterns with these or stack them. The only problem is that I did not find these very appropriate for in the car as they ended up everywhere as she pulled them out the bag or apart. I decided to hot glue gun all the Velcro onto our Lollipop sticks simply for the fact that when I made these before Little Boo very easily picked the Velcro off them.

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