Thursday, 6 September 2012

Imaginative play the creation of our fancy dress box

Just recently all of us set to work organising Little Boos toys and thanks to this she now has a wonderful dress up and dollies box. The great thing is is that I feel this will be used differently every time we play.
Today Little Boo wanted to be a princess hence the Cinderella outfit, she later styled up with a hat pretending to be a cowboy!

Inside our dress up box is an array of items including some of my old make up I had which I do not use. Little Boo loves playing with make up. The agreement is that the make up only goes on her dolls we have some great dolls for this activity which can just be wiped clean and they were really cheap. I do not mind Little Boo playing with make up, I realise some parents may be concerned. However, I see playing with make up as another way Little Boo copies me just like when she cares for her dolls like I care for her.

After a while the dolls and Little Boo were tired so Little Boo took it upon herself to tell me that they needed her pillow and cover. Then the dolls were tucked in to sleep.

The dress up clothes that I have for Little Boo have mainly been passed down or brought when on sale. We have made up our own fairy costume using an old top a £1 tutu and wings the rainstick we made is now a wand! How's that for imagination :)


  1. Cowboy cinderella! I love it. Glad the hat has come in useful x

  2. Hi, I'm just stopping over from Making Boys Men where I've just nominated your awesome blog for the Liebster Award (my post goes live Fri 7th) - Congratulations!

    1. FANTASTIC! I am so grateful can not wait to see the post and the questions that you are going to ask me. Thank you so much :) doing a happy dance.


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