Friday, 7 September 2012

Making tea for Mom, Dad and Me

Little Boo loves any opportunity to get into the kitchen so after seeing the Nurturestore ebook on playdough and the bread dough recipe and the success of using the recipe to make the smiley face bread inspired me to use it to make pizzas with Little Boos help. I made the dough up whilst  Little Boo was having a nap as it needs to be left for one hour to prove.  This also meant it was a nice activity ready for when she woke up.

All the ingredients that we used were in the house making this a cheap activity to do.

I just placed all the ingredients out so that they were easy to access for Little Boo. We placed the dough into  greased pyrex dishes and then added all the ingredients. This was a great tea to make as we could easily cater for everyones likes and it was simple to make one vegetarian one for me. 

All the Pizzas ready to eat. 

When the Pizzas are all ready I popped them in the oven at 220 c for 20 mins.  Just keep an eye on them as they may be cooked sooner.  Hope that you like the idea this is so simple to do and could also incorporate practising using a knife if you feel confident for your child to cut up some of the easier items. The cooking provided a great opportunity for communication as we talked about how we were spreading on the sauce then sprinkling on the cheese.  Little Boo also counted the pieces on some occasions.

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  1. Great- now I know what to do for tea when boo comes to stay :)


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