Monday, 24 September 2012

Making a fruit salad-practise using cutlery

I have just decided to share this activity with you it is really simple (apologies for the photographs they were only taken on my phone) and I hope that you can share this.  I have been thinking recently of ways to let Little Boo practise using cutlery and this activity was great for that.  Little Boo is not very good when it comes to eating breakfast she never wants anything so I decided to make a fruit salad together as I thought if she made the breakfast herself she may be more excited to eat it. 

I picked fruit that I knew that she enjoyed and that was easy to cut.  This is the great thing about fruit as a lot of it is easy to cut so blunt knifes can be used Little Boo insisted on using her toy Kitchen knife.  Obviously you need to be careful what knife you chose to let your child use.  

I started off the grapes so that Little Boo could easily cut them. 

Our completed fruit salad was yummy!
This was a great activity to get Little Boo to practise her skills and she did eat some!  

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