Sunday, 23 September 2012

Party bags- toddler maths fun

The spongy sponge cakes that we made were put to good use when we had a tea party! This was great fun.

Our tea party

Mommy got a BIG piece of cake! 

Little Boo decided that the toys needed to have party bags once the tea party was finished.  The party bags were a great maths activity and I did not even think about this until we started to do it.  Little Boo decided that she wanted to make some lollipops for the bags (out of play dough) and sweets were made out of play dough as well.

Making the lollipops

Making the sweets 

Little Boo sorted her party bags and placed two little toys in each one, one lollipop and two sweets.  This was fantastic counting practise and Little Boo even wrapped  up her cakes and placed one of these in each bag. 

Filling the party bags 

Wrapping the cakes 

Contents of the completed party bags 
You could even decorate the bags which would make them even better.  The bags we used were only £1 for ten they were left overs from the kites that we made. Hope that you enjoy sharing this activity.

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