Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Our First morning board

As you may know I return to reality today preparing myself to juggle being a Mom, Wife and going back to work and university.  It is all good fun though I would not have it any other way, it keeps me on my toes!

I started thinking about how unorganised I am in the mornings that I go to work and have decided I am going to start fresh and will MAKE time for me and Little Boo to at least have 10 minutes to spare in which we can sit together.  This was all inspired by the Take 10 Blog.  I love the idea behind this blog just taking out 10 minutes to share an activity with your child even in the busiest of days.

This then made me consider the morning board idea.  As this is an activity that we can do each morning together that is easy, it will not leave the house in a complete mess to return to after work and it is teaching Little Boo so many things in a fun way.  Not to mention that I have LOVED making it!

Little Boo chose her own colour card for the project (which I backed with a piece of foam board) and then I told her that "Mommy was going to make her something special for her room". I first of all had a look around at the pinned Morning boards on Pinterest and Google.  I came across some great resources at Confessions of a Homeschooler (this women is amazing and always has fantastic printable's) I chose the today tomorrow and yesterday printable from here .

There are loads more printable's that are great which I think I will use when Little Boo is a bit older. The seasons wheel I found from a lucky Google search which I pinned .  I then made an arrow for it and used a split pin so it could be turned.  I like this image as Little Boo can see the months that are in each season.

For the weather I have made simple felt representations of each type of weather. In the morning Little Boo can chose the correct ones. I feel that this will also be a really good discussion point which I could start to extend to what sort of clothes she should wear that are appropriate for the weather.

The dates and heading I did myself on the computer using Comic sans font as I think this font is clear to read.  Here is the download version if anyone wants to save some time :) or would just like some months and days flash cards. Morning Board Months

Banner for Morning Board

The days of the week and months I have linked together using cheap keyring rings .  These have worked fine and are a cheap alternative to the scrapbook rings that can be brought.  The hooks were just cheap self adhesive plastic ones which were about 50p for five. The numbers I decided to do single as this will assist Little Boo with her number recognition.  I  feel that asking her to recognise the number 20 at present is a bit too much but to get her to find a 2 on the one set then a 0 on the other is more relevant to her development and will hopefully start to reinforce that bigger numbers are made from smaller ones.  May I point out this is all trial and error and I am hopeful that it will work. Watch this space... 

Needless to say that Little Boo loves her new Morning Board especially the fact that the seasons has a "spinney thing".  I realise that at present it is quite basic but I think that this will be an item that we continue to make which will grow with her interests and development. 


  1. I have to admit I have never heard of a Morning Board before (how have I missed this on Pintrest?) But I LOVE the whole idea of it. And your weather figures are just too cute. Thanks so much for sharing on the We Made That Linky!

    1. Glad that you like the idea. I have wanted to do it for ages and am glad that I have completed it. Hopefully this has given you inspiration to make your own!

  2. Just about to make one of these for Daughter since I think she's getting to an age where she'd get the jist of it - do you think her not being able to read yet would be a massive hindrance? She knows her numbers - 1 to 9 in any case - and I'm going to try and make it as picture-based as possible. Any tips? How has it worked out for you long term?


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