Saturday, 20 October 2012

Play dough Sweet shop- Maths the fun way

A few days ago it was requested that we make another cake and sweet shop as we have done in the past. However, this time we made a few changes so it was a fun maths activity. I made up a new batch of play dough and decided on Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.  I followed the no-cook recipe as I was trying to get it done quickly with as little mess as possible . Then we started to make our sweets and cakes. This in itself was a great activity as whilst we were making we were chatting  about what we were doing and our day.  I had been at work so it was a great way to relax and just enjoy some quality time together. 

Never throw away old chocolate containers they can be used as great moulds for play dough. 

Little Boo practicing with the cooking tweezers. 

I asked little Boo if she wanted to do a pick and mix! she was really excited about this. The idea behind this was so that we could count out the sweets as well as improve her fine motor skills as I had recently brought some utensils from Ikea which included some cooking tweezers these were great for the pick and mix. Which we placed into plastic cups.  

We set up the stall, Little Boo decided on how much everything was going to be. The scales were a great hit as she loved pretending to weigh the fudge. I put a mark on the scales where she needed to weigh too however, she just found it funny to keep on adding the fudge. Myself and her Dad were the customers who came into her shop and asked for items. To improve Little Boo's maths we were asking for specific amounts of sweets such as three orange ones. It was apparent whilst playing that it was a helpful game to play to learn colours as well. 

She used her till to add up the cost then wrote me and her Dad a receipt.  I just thought it was amazing how she had done the receipt like a list.  

It was obvious that Little Boo liked the activity as she asked to play the next day.  I had placed clingfilm over all the items so they were fine to play with again.  It was lovely as when I was at work she asked her Nanny to help her make some more sweets for the stall. They made a great job! 

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