Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Painting with items from our nature walk

Painting with leaves

To make use of those wonderful leaves and twigs and nature walk items I decided to do some painting with Little Boo using them.  She always gets really excited when I mention painting so this was a great hit which ended up being very messy.  It does not have to be messy but Little Boo decided that she also wanted to paint herself as well!

I realised when doing printing the less paint that you have the better.  Sometimes this is difficult with Little Boo as she is always keen to blob on loads of paint. So to overcome this I put the paint on a big tray then spread it thinly and did not get out the paint brushes. This worked effectively as it enabled us to mix the colours effectively.

Painting with leaves

Instead I made our own paint brush out of a twig and dried pine needles and which was really effective and looks like a mini broomstick. This made Little Boo laugh as we are reading Room on a Broom (Julia Donaldson) at the moment and she said that she was painting with her broom.

home made paint brush with twigs and pine needles

We used all the items we collected and it was interesting to see all the different prints that could be created with them.

leaf print

We decided that we wanted to roll the conker across the page and watched as it made a paint trail.  The leaves we had worked OK but really we should have done this activity as soon as we had collected them or the day after as some were too dry to do an effective print with them.

printing with leaves

We are out tomorrow and will be collecting more leaves as I have a few more ideas to try out and want to try the leaves when they are not so dry.  I am sure that Little Boo will not mind doing some more painting!


  1. We love this activity! I would love for you to add this to my Link-Up.


    1. Thank you so much for asking me to link up. Sorry I was a bit silly and ended up putting my name as the activity name could not see where I could edit this. I love your blog so inspiring and wonderful to hear your story.


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