Thursday, 19 July 2012

The felt farm

I love exploring with felt and have recently made a wonderful discovery! that t-shirt transfer works to transfer images onto white felt. Due to our theme of animals I decided to make Little Boo a Felt Farm.  Here is how it went.

I printed images of the farm animals and people on to the transfer paper, do not forget images need to be mirrored when printing so when completed they are the correct way around. These images were from  Twinkl and Dltk

Cut out  images and place face down on the felt.  It was important this was white as the transfer paper I had was for light fabrics. Please be careful when ironing place a t-towel over the felt and pieces and keep rotating the iron.  Mine needed ironing for quite a long time.  Do not use steam. 

The completed piece.  I also made, the sun, house, gate and had the tractor from a cheap felt set I had brought. 

Little Boo playing with her new felt farm. 

Putting the ducks in the pond 
It was great fun playing with this and got Little Boo thinking she started making up little stories about the farm and setting the scene with the felt pieces.  This also encouraged counting as I asked questions such as "how many ducks are there?"


  1. That is so cute! Does the felt just stick to itself naturally (a la fuzzy felt) or do you need to use something else?

    1. It is great and just sticks to itself the transfer on the white felt does effect the natural stick though so for example the animals could not be over lapped or stuck on top of each other. This is only because the transfer creates a shiny surface. However making the felt is great and so versatile and easy to create fun things to so over at love and lollipops she did a great idea using the felt to make robots this would be great and so wonderful for learning shapes!

      I am on the case to do a Gruffalo felt board (to go with our story sack just need to wait for my next trip to our local rag market so I can get the felt cheap. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Hi, Amy. I am so glad that you commented on No Twiddle Twaddle, because I might not of seen this awesome post about using the transfers on felt. What a great idea! I've been wanting to set up a felt board for my kids, but I would have never thought of this. Of course, I am fine with you posting about the free books you downloaded. I can't wait to see what you write about using eBooks. : )


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